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What is an IPA - An Independent Provider Association (IPA) is a collaborative entity of health care providers whose combined assets allow them to provide comprehensive, high quality care with greater accessibility and better results than if they were to do it individually.

WNY IPA's Foundation - Changes in the health care environment, both locally and state-wide, prompted our member facilities to strategically partner to share best practices and create efficiencies that are desirable and beneficial to providers, residents, patients and third party payors.

We believe that advancing the quality of the health care delivery system has a direct impact on the health and well-being of the individuals in our care, as well as our region as a whole. Each of our individual members brings value to the table allowing us to collectively focus on quality improvement initiatives at all levels of the health care spectrum. This creates a foundation of consistent, comprehensive care not found anywhere else in our region.

Our Collaborative Alliance Benefits Three Distinct Groups of Users:

PATIENTS/CAREGIVERS - Individuals will have access to an expansive choice of health care options delivered by the highest quality providers in the region. This results in:

  • Higher quality care

  • Improved patient satisfaction

  • Reduced hospital stays

  • Lower patient cost

  • Better overall quality of life


THIRD PARTY PAYORS – our organization partners with health plans and aligns our best practice standards to meet new reimbursement methods within value-based payment models. This is achieved through:

  • Operational efficiencies

  • Economies of scale

  • Best practices

  • Quality measures

  • Standardization of data reporting

  • Payment efficiencies

  • Educational advancement

  • Clinical sophistication

MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS – health care providers across the spectrum of care have access to an array of proven, strategic policies, protocols and procedures that enhance the quality and efficiency of the care provided. This shared information includes:

  • Proven clinical pathways

  • Best practices

  • Educational advancement

  • Clinical sophistication

  • Strategic program development

  • Employee retention

Our organization has also formed individual committees to research and anticipate the ever-changing landscape of health care including: best practices, standardization of data reporting, quality measures and payment efficiencies. Our committees include more than 70 active participants working and meeting on a regular basis.

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